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Top 5 Ways To Use Cannabidiol (CBD) Without Smoking It

CBD has gained more and more attention with consumers due to the positive benefits without the psychoactive effects normally associated with marijuana. CBD is used for a variety of different reasons, but not everyone knows the different methods to use CBD. Even though there are indeed some people who smoke CBD, it is not particularly the most popular method of administration, especially since CBD doesn’t produce a “high” and smoking comes with a myriad of negative health factors.

CBD is typically sourced from cannabis marijuana or hemp, and there are many differences between the two. Hemp is naturally low in THC and high in CBD. Hemp-based CBD oil is legally sold across the country and more accessible, though it tends to contain less CBD than oil derived from cannabis, which is referred to as marijuana. CBD oil made from cannabis also contains the added benefits of higher levels of complementary cannabinoids, which are believed to lend added benefits. Often this is referred to as the entourage effect, and many people claim that without the additional cannabinoids, CBD is far less effective. But, CBD oil made from cannabis is not legal everywhere and usually requires a medical marijuana card.

The list below provides the most popular methods to consume CBD by the vast majority:

  • CBD Oil – One of the more popular methods to consume CBD is by taking CBD oil by a dropper or it can be put into capsules and taken like regular pills. CBD oil can also be easily added to different foods, including smoothies or backed into edibles. CBD oil is a great option for people who are wanting a discreet administration method for taking CBD.
  • CBD Tincture – Tinctures tend to be concentrated than oil and are usually alcohol or glycerin based cannabis extracts. They are normally found in dropper bottles and tend to come in varying concentration amounts of CBD – many also including a CBD to THC ratio. Much like oil, tinctures are a discreet way to administer CBD which is optimal for people who want to take a dosage throughout the day which may require a public setting.
  • CBD Vaping – Vaporizing CBD allows for the effects to be felt quickly without the negative effects of smoking. You simply add the CBD oil to a vaporizer pen or buy a CBD disposable vape pen. The disposable vape pens tend to last around 150-200 puff, which is around 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on how much you use daily.
  • CBD Sublingual Spray – These sprays contain concentrated amounts of CBD meant to be sprayed under the tongue to experience very quick results. These sprays can also be discreet and come in varying concentrations and CBD to THC ratios.
  • CBD Topical – This type comes in many forms including salves and creams that are applied directly to the skin. CBD topicals can provide anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. One thing to note is that with topical products, they are always non-psychoactive no matter what their concentration of CBD or THC.