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David’s Story: No Secret To Get Your Hair Back

Research study follows group of men for 90 days tracking results

David will be the first to tell you that his dad is a self-proclaimed comedian. One joke David laughed at as a child was, “What did the bald man say when his son gave him a comb for his birthday? I’ll never part with it.” It was even a joke David retold to his friends. Years later, that joke felt a bit more close to home. “Yeah…it wasn’t as funny anymore when I realized I was the bald guy now,” David tells us with a chuckle.

After David graduated from college with his degree in engineering, he took a long, hard look in the mirror and didn’t recognize himself anymore. “I looked old, tired and was on my way to going completely bald.” He confessed, “I couldn’t believe the hair I was losing every day in the shower.” David knew his genetics weren’t helping the situation since his dad, grandfather and both uncles suffered from male pattern baldness. “It just didn’t occur to me that it would actually happen to me until it felt too late.”

When his girlfriend of 6 years left him, David hit rock bottom. He joined several online dating sites, meet-up groups and even tried speed dating, but David was not getting dates and the rejection was David1beating him down. “I didn’t have any problems dating before and I knew it had to do with me looking much older than I really am. I mean, who wants to date a balding guy? I know most women don’t find that attractive.” David found himself sinking into depression and was on a cycle of self-medicating with TV-marathons, beer and pizza. He took another long, hard look in the mirror and saw a man he didn’t want to be. “That’s the point when I made a decision to find happiness in life again and I knew it had to start with me. I was on a downward spiral and was determined to be my best self again.”

David joined a gym, changed his diet and tried multiple products claiming to help regrow hair. “My doctor finally gave me a prescription for a hair loss drug and I ended up having sexual side effects. Needless to say, I stopped taking it immediately.” Around 2 months after that, David was informed by his sister about a clinical study for Procerin, an all-natural male hair loss solution. After the initial evaluation, David was accepted and joined the 90 day study. After around 30 days of the trial, a co-worker asked David what he was doing to grow his hair back. “It was like I had found a secret, but it’s no secret. I’m just thankful I found something that actually works.”

After the 90 days were over, David told us he was amazed by his results. “I honestly didn’t think it was going to work,” he laughs. He continues to use Procerin as part of his daily routine and noted his self-confidence is back to where it used to be before and during college. “Having thicker and fuller hair makes a difference, especially with the dating scene. I don’t care how good of a personality you have, if you’re on a dating site, your photo is the first thing that makes you or breaks you.” With a big smile, David said his dating life is in full swing.

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