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The Bald Truth: Science Reveals Solution for Hair Loss

Research study follows group of men for 90 days tracking results

It is estimated that 55 million men suffer from androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness. Until now, there have been few attractive options for men to turn to. The fact is, not all products are created equal. If you’ve searched the web for hair loss solutions, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by countless products claiming to regrow your hair.

A clinically proven alternative is all-natural Procerin. This solution has been gaining popularity with men over the past couple of years for good reason. It is easy to use, contains all natural ingredients, has no side effects and backed by a clinical research study.

The Procerin Clinical Study investigator, Dr. Peter Helton, stated that “the clinical study clearly shows that the Procerin is easy to use and even has beneficial photographic results at 90 days. Moreover, the data shows that the vast majority of subjects are satisfied with Procerin and would recommend it to others.”

Procerin worked so well for the study participants that 94% of the study participants agreed that Procerin helped to slow their hair loss and stated they would recommend it to friends and family.

Finally, A Real Hair Loss Solution

Men suffering from hair loss generally have elevated levels of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their scalp. DHT is a chemical by-product of the male hormone testosterone. When testosterone gets converted to DHT in the scalp, the result is hair loss. Procerin’s active ingredients are specifically formulated to block this transformation into DHT, and stop the hair loss that DHT causes.

Procerin contains powerful hair loss fighting ingredients such as saw palmetto, nettles, biotin and more! Simply enough, these ingredients help you with your fight against hair loss. Procerin is clinically proven, has a solid track record with customers and is BBB rated.

Trial Samples Available!

procerin-combo-smallThe makers of Procerin are proud of their accomplishment of developing a clinically proven hair loss product and confident that Procerin will work for men suffering from male pattern baldness. So confident, in fact, that they are giving out complimentary one-month Procerin Combo samples for just $9.95 S&H costs, while supplies last. Samples are extremely limited. Click here to get your sample before they run out.