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Paleo Power: AMRAP Bars to the Rescue

Fig_Cacao1-e1410183115555-640x281With the New Year, comes new motivation to get healthy and fit. Numerous diets and fads can make your mind go numb trying to figure out what your 2015 game plan should be. When looking for a healthy snack to help rev up your day, the shelves are stocked with too many options. Many of those options that claim to be healthy are nothing more than sugar laden candy bars.

Our 2015 Rising Star is called AMRAP and is gluten free, non-GMO, paleo friendly, athlete approved and healthy! To top it off, healthy tastes great. AMRAP Nutrition bars are offered in the following amazing flavors: Almond & Honey, Cashew & Vanilla and Fig & Cacao.

All Protein Bars Are Not Created Equal

One of the most sugar-packed bars on the market shows a rock climber on the wrapper and a stamp of approval from being made with organic oats and soybeans. But, most people don’t read the reverse side and see that each bar is loaded with six teaspoons of sugar. These empty calories counterbalance the relatively healthy 230 calories and 10g of protein.

Another marketing trick are the bars that scream out “Green” and “Superfood” which sounds extremely healthy. The kicker is that while those bars contain plenty of fruit and wheatgrass, they also contain 26 grams of fructose and sugar.

One last example is of a bar that tells you to “think thin” when you end up eating more saturated fat than the American Heart Association recommends. Not good.

What makes AMRAP Better?

The bars are dense, which leaves you feeling full longer and the ingredients are not full of fillers. Instead of packing the bars with sugar, they use honey, a natural alternative. Being paleo, the bars use an egg-white protein instead of whey. They don’t use “flavoring” either, these bars have actual nut butters: almond butter and cashew butter. AMRAP is actually healthy and tastes delicious. It’s clean fuel for your lifestyle.

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