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Bed Death: Ten Ways to Replace Fizzle with Sizzle

Have you and your partner lost the passion and fire that once brought you together? Do you feel like things have gone stale in the bedroom? If so, you’re not alone. Almost every couple goes through exactly what you are experiencing right now.

The good news is that there is an almost endless amount of ways to rekindle the passion you and your partner once had. In fact, here are ten ways you and your partner can replace fizzle with sizzle.

1. Change Your Sexual Scenery

Getting out of the bedroom and exploring new things with a change of scenery is the perfect way to rekindle your sex life. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try sex in the kitchen or perhaps the Jacuzzi on the patio has always been a destination you’ve wanted to explore.

The key is to get away from normal scenery and to get out of the bedroom. By breaking the norm, you and your partner are sharing an experience of something new, which helps rejuvenate your passion for each other.

2. Sniff Out Hotter Sex

While humans are normally visually dominant, adding scented candles or body oils can help stimulate a different part of the brain, which is great for sex. Candles are especially beneficial because the light and scent work together to create a romantic, sensual mood.

If you’re in need of a specific scent to use, consider lavender, cinnamon, or vanilla. All three of these scents are known aphrodisiacs that are sure to send you and your partner under the sheets.

3. Playing With Power Dynamics

One of the biggest reasons sex becomes dull is because it becomes more like a chore than an experience. Chances are there’s a set routine you and your partner follow (always the same position). This is likely boring and old, which is why changing the submissive and dominant roles can really rejuvenate your relationship.

If you’re normally the submissive partner take charge and become the dominant partner. Not only will this completely take your partner by surprise, but it will also be a welcome change that will bring back the intimacy and passion you’ve lost.

4. Give Sex a Delicious Twist

Believe it or not, there are several foods that naturally boost your libido and help improve your sexual performance. Although you might not associate oysters and romanticism, studies have shown that oysters are a natural libido booster that may help improve your performance as well.

Not a big fan of seafood? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other tasty treats to try out. Some say that watermelon may be the sweet treat you need to put you in the mood. If that doesn’t work, there’s always everybody’s favorite aphrodisiac – dark chocolate.

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5. Role Play

Every single person has his or her own unique fantasy. Perhaps you’re a guy who has always wanted a naughty nurse to “take care of you” or naughty cop to “punish you” for doing something bad. Maybe you’re the girl who’s wanted a sexy teacher to seduce her or a Marine who’s just getting back from being on active duty and is ready for action.

Whatever your fantasies are, create a scenario where you and your partner get to act them out. You both will get to finally satisfy a fetish, which will open the two of you to new sexual experiences. As a result, you will strengthen your relationship and improve your sex life.

6. The 45-Minute Foreplay

When sex starts to become a chore, it often becomes about getting it done so you and your partner can go do something else. You don’t feel any sensual experiences anymore and your relationship is strained because of it. However, you can eliminate this with the 45-minute foreplay.

Instead of jumping right into sex, give each other an erotic massage. Slowly build up the mood by gradually increasing the level of eroticism. Eventually, you and your partner will be so turned on that you engage in some of the most passionate and enjoyable sex you’ve ever had.

7. Stay Positively in Love

Remember when you first fell in love with your partner? Those times were probably the best times of your life. You’d probably do anything to relive those moments. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and do it.

Clear your schedule and take your partner out the same way you did on the first date. If you didn’t share your first kiss on the first date, take your partner to the exact location of your first kiss. By reliving the moments that brought you and your partner the most joy, you’ll feel an instant level of affection and love once again that will transfer directly to the bedroom.

8. Have a Solo Session

Believe it or not, masterbation can help rekindle your relationship. Occasionally self-pleasuring yourself can help build up your libido so when the time comes for you and your partner to have sex, you’re more passionate and engaged with each other.

You’ll want to be careful though. Don’t self-pleasure yourself too often or you’ll become numb to the experience and the opposite effects will happen. Once in a while is perfectly okay though and highly suggested.

9. Stock Your Pleasure Chest

To spice up sex with your partner, consider adding accessories and toys to break from the normal routine. Perhaps you could buy some sexy lingerie and surprise your husband or add the use of sex toys so you can enjoy some bonus pleasure.

Make sure to stock up on different types of accessories so your sexual experiences always vary. Don’t always wear lingerie and instead wear it on special occasions. It’ll make the experience so much better. You never want sex to become mundane.

10. Strangers in the Night

The “two strangers meetup” is always a fun way to spice your sex life. You and your partner should agree to dress up and meet at a location like a fancy hotel bar or a local cocktail lounge. Approach your partner and offer to buy them a drink or simply strike up a conversation.

Go ahead and start flirting and truly pretend this is a new person you’ve never met before. Give each other the vibe that you are into each other and want to get to know them more. Then, after winning each other over, take your partner home or get a hotel room just like you would an actual stranger.


Final Thoughts

There are dozens of ways to rejuvenate a stale sex life. Hopefully these tips will give you and your partner some ideas that will help keep your sex life fresh and alive the next time you find yourself unsatisfied. There is no need to embrace “bed death” has the final step of your relationship. Sex and intimacy is vital to a healthy relationship and cannot be left unattended to. Both parties need to equally enjoy it.