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CBD Oil May Soon Be Hard To Buy

The marijuana industry is on pins and needles waiting for a signal on how the Trump administration will approach marijuana, including CBD, amid growing acceptance. Even though cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from industrial hemp, even the DEA in December ruled to add it to the list of Schedule I drugs. The DEA stands by their decision that every single aspect of marijuana, including hemp, is considered a controlled substance.

Russ Baer, spokesperson for the DEA, says that until the DEA receives conclusive scientific proof of the plant’s medical benefits from a DEA registrant or person given authority by the DEA to research marijuana, it will remain a Schedule I substance and so will all its derivatives. This is bad news for consumers who use marijuana and CBD to help them with a number of ailments instead of using prescription medications.

With the Trump administration signaling a possible crackdown on states over marijuana, it’s time for CBD consumers to get worried. It may be a good idea to stock up just in case CBD becomes harder to buy. From what we’re observing, this appears to be a dire situation for the marijuana and hemp industry.

On February 23rd, 2017 the White House put states that have legalized recreational-use marijuana on notice that the federal law enforcement agents could be targeting them soon.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters that the administration had no plans to continue the permissive approach of the Obama administration and that it viewed recreational marijuana use as a flagrant violation of federal law.

Spicer stated that recreational marijuana use was a “scourge”, likening its widespread use to the opioid addiction epidemic – an incendiary charge that many medical experts would dispute. But the comments intensified concerns that the robust recreational marijuana trade that has been brought out into the open in recent years – generating hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue – could soon be disrupted by federal agents.

After Spicer made these statements, Roger Stone, a political strategist who advised Trump during his presidential campaign, criticized Spicer’s remarks, calling it a “huge mistake.” Stone commented that a crackdown on legal marijuana in the states will cost thousands of jobs and bankrupt local government.

On the campaign trail, Trump relatedly vowed to respect state marijuana rights. Since taking office, it appears some of his campaign trail promises are now being broken.

An interesting fact is that in 2014 a Congressional Farm Bill made industrial hemp (which, under federal law, must contain less that 0.3 percent THC) legal. Only Congress – not the DEA – has the power to undo that act. With all of the different reports and statements, it’s easy for consumers to be very, very confused.

According to Attorney Craig Brand, the bigger danger is what the FDA will do with hemp-derived CBD once they try to regulate it. It seems that CBD is getting fired at from all directions which is troubling to many people, especially parents that use CBD to help their children suffering with epilepsy. Thousands of people rely on CBD to get them through the day.

Only time will tell what will happen with CBD and marijuana in the states, but from what we’re hearing and seeing, it doesn’t look favorable. If you are a CBD consumer, it might be worth your while to buy as much as you can before that right is taken away from you.