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Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body

No woman out there should dread the best season of the year: summer! It’s the time to head to the beach, soak up the sun and…well, put on a bathing suit. For most women out there, choosing the right suit can be a mind-numbing process. We all know that body shape plays a huge role in weighing out which one may flatter your figure more over the other.

While you also have to take other things into consideration, like the size of your chest, your booty, stomach pouches and back fat, there is an amazing suit for everyone to help you look fabulous. Every woman out there, despite what you may think, has flaws she finds with her body. Even the top models. We are each unique and beautiful in our own ways and it’s time to own it, girl! Go ahead and sip on your frozen margarita and watch the surfers gawk at you! Just remember, the hottest thing you can wear is your confidence…second is a smile.

Here’s an incredible info-graphic to give you the BIG picture on how to pick the perfect swimsuit this year:


3 Comments on Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body

  1. OMG! Love love love love that infographic. I am that girl that freaks out this time of year in search of the perfect bathing suit to fit my body type. TOTALLY digging that red one!!! Gotta find it! <3

  2. Great info! I’m a total sucker for the 1920’s/30’s style, but I may try that French Connection suit this summer!

  3. All I have to say is I’m happy I’m not an inverted triangle shape! Those suits are ugly! LOL

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