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Healthy Way To Juice

The Healthy Way to “Juice” to Increase Performance

Olympic athletes have been juicing for 2,000 years and I’m not talking about shooting steroids into your veins. There is actually one root veggie in particular that even the ancient Roman soldiers supplemented with: Beets. Yes, those red things your mom tried to sneak on your plate as a kid. Fact is, beets should become your new best friend!

As the legendary Michael Jackson sang ‘Just “Beet” It’ and no one wants to be defeated. You want to increase your performance? A safe way is by ingesting highly concentrated beet juice. Why? Beets are naturally rich with nitric oxide.

Personally, I’m not a fan of shoveling a bunch of beets in a blender and making a beet shake. Then, I stumbled upon a 100% natural and paleo friendly mix packet called AMRAP NOb that is loaded with Non-GMO beet juice. In fact, it is by the makers of AMRAP bars. If you haven’t tried those, they’re insanely delicious.

Just because we hit it hard at the gym doesn’t mean we don’t care about what goes into our bodies. I used to grab flavor packets for years to add to my water at the gym or add pre-workout mixes that had some ingredients that weren’t healthy. Now, I simply mix one packet of AMRAP NOb with 8oz of water and slam it down 20 minutes before I reach blood, sweat and tears.

My performance is through the roof! Click here and check it out for yourself.