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How To Pass an EtG Test After Drinking Alcohol

Protect Yourself With URIDEX-5 Today

Are you worried about failing an EtG test? Usually you have time to know in advance if the test is for a job or school, but if you’re on probation or rehab counseling, chances are you never know when an EtG test will happen. You booze, you lose. If you think you can drink a ton of water and flush it out in time, think again. That water will do nothing more than give you a failed test due to diluted urine. Is there a way you can ace the test and stay in the clear? Yes!

Since Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) stays in your system for up to 5 days (80 hours) after consuming alcohol, it is the test most often used to monitor people who have been court-ordered not to drink or in rehab counseling. Some employers and schools use it if they have a strict no alcohol policy. What exactly is EtG, you ask? EtG is an intoxicating ingredient formed in the body when alcohol is consumed and a byproduct of ethanol and glucuronide.

The EtG test is so sensitive, it even detects traces of alcohol in common household products you may have used, such as hand sanitizers, cough syrups, antiperspirants, laundry detergents and numerous others which can result in a false positive.

dose_img1Thankfully, we discovered a highly effective product on the market specifically and scientifically formulated to help you beat the EtG test. It’s also legal to buy! This is the product your probation officer or rehab counselor hopes you never find out about.

URIDEX-5 is the solution to pass your EtG test after drinking alcohol. Simply take URIDEX-5 one hour prior to consuming alcohol and it acts quickly to actually inhibit the enzymes that catalyze EtG from ethanol. Best of all, there are no side effects and it is an all-natural supplement.

The ingredients are: licorice root powder, kudzu root powder, japanese sophora herb extract, quercetin and valerian root powder. That’s it!

Order URIDEX-5 today and stop worrying about your next EtG test. Drink without the stress of failing a urinalysis test.

Always remember to drink responsively. The best choice to pass the EtG test is not to drink at all, but if you choose to booze, then you better take URIDEX-5 first!

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