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The Most Hated Supplement By Sport Leagues

Deer antler spray has been the center of controversy surrounding athletes in many sports across the world. The “antler issue” has been plaguing sports for a while (IFG-1 is prohibited in professional leagues such as the MLB and NFL), but it regained popularity when some high-profile football players became linked to using antler velvet spray. According to sources, the athletes were finding it easier to build muscle, recover faster from intense exercise and recuperate from injury.

Sport Leagues have expressed concern that deer antler velvet may give athletes who use it a “one-up” on their competition by boosting their strength and improving their performance. Studies have noted that athletes who use deer antler velvet show significant improvement in a short amount of time compared to non-users.

You Can Still Buy The Leading Deer Antler Velvet Spray

The market leader in antler velvet extract is AntlerX. It combines pure New Zealand Red Deer antler velvet with additional support ingredients to take muscle-building efforts to the next level. AntlerX helps to provide athletes with increased lean muscle mass, quick recovery from intensive training sessions and less joint pain. This allows athletes to push harder and gain maximum results.

Many deer antler sprays contain only 3,000 to 5,000 nanograms of IGF-1. To receive the full benefits, at least 25 million nanograms per day is required. AntlerX contains 100 milligrams which equals out to be 100 million nanograms, an amount that definitely can magnify results.

  • Highest quality source for IGF-1 supplementation
  • All-natural and side-effect free
  • Quick oral spray delivery system
  • Backed by a 90 day money-back guarantee

The makers of AntlerX are proud of their accomplishment of developing a powerful bodybuilding product and confident that AntlerX will work for men wanting to increase lean muscle, endurance and recover faster. If your ready to maximize your performance and beat your competition, learn more at