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Olympians Beet Juicing

If you haven’t heard, Olympians are “juicing” to get an edge on the competition, but not how you might think. There are thousands of things Olympic athletes do to improve their athletic performance and a natural enhancer known as AMRAP NOb is one of them. The sudden popularity is borderline unexplainable so we decided to sit down and ask Ron Slavick, AMRAP Nutrition’s CEO, his secret.

“It’s simple,” Said Slavick,. “Smart athletes want performance without sacrificing long-term health. Now with AMRAP NOb you can increase your muscular endurance and decrease your recovery time without the risk associated with traditional pre-workout powders or supplements.”

Despite its popularity, AMRAP NOb has its problems. Because of how quickly they are gaining popularity, being able to keep up with demand has been difficult. “The formula concentrations and manufacturing process are proprietary. The downside is that we can’t fulfill consumer demand. We’re working to expand our capacity and will be introducing a VIP option that protects our customers from backorder situations in the near future.”

Athletes that try AMRAP NOb for the first time report:

  • 15 – 20% increase in muscular endurance
  • Less fatigue during aerobic activities
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Decreased recovery times

As an added but unverified bonus, lower blood pressure and increased sexual prowess has also been reported.

If you’re ready to take your performance to an Olympic level or simply get more out of your current exercise regime click here to buy AMRAP NOb.