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Owners Filing Lawsuits Over VW Emissions Cheating Scandal

Volkswagen of America admitted to installing “defeat devices” in as many as 11 million diesel engines in car models 2009 to 2015 Golf, Passat, Beetle and Jetta. The engines are also in some Audi A3 vehicles. Further allegations suggest that 800,000 more cars may be recalled than previously disclosed. The additional vehicles include 2013-2016 model-year Volkswagen and Audi vehicles and 2014-2016 Porsche Cayenne sport-utility vehicles.

The cheating software enables these cars to pass emission tests while, in normal operation, the vehicles spew 40 times more than the legal amount of pollution-causing nitrogen oxide (NOx).

The Environmental Protection Agency has refused to certify the 2016 line of VW diesels and the company has issued a stop-sell order to its dealers, preventing them from selling new diesel cars and certified ones. Both the U.S. and European authorities have begun regulatory and criminal investigations.

Owners are furious and wanting answers. Aside from being completely scammed by VW, the resell value of their vehicles have significantly decreased, in some cases half of the original value. If owners abide by the recall, their cars will not perform in the same way they did before. They will drive away in a vehicle that has poor mileage and a noticeably slower performance. The “clean diesel” cars they paid a premium for are now a joke. Not to mention, the “eco-friendly” owners are livid about the affects this has had on the environment and that they unknowingly polluted the air more than other cars they would have purchased instead.

Volkswagen took one small step forward by offering the VW owners a gift card package with includes the following: $500 gift card, $500 credit to use at any VW or Audi dealership and 3 years of roadside assistance. To many owners, this is nothing more than insulting and lawsuits are coming in by the truck loads. If you have one of these vehicles, you need to go ahead and submit your claim to a VW attorney pronto in order to receive the compensation you deserve.

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