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The Supplement Sport Leagues Don’t Want You To Know About

Deer antler spray has been the center of controversy surrounding athletes in many sports across the world. The “antler issue” has been plaguing sports for a while (IFG-1 is prohibited in professional leagues such as the MLB and NFL), but it regained popularity when some high-profile football players became linked to using antler velvet spray. According to sources, the athletes were finding it easier to build muscle, recover faster from intense exercise and recuperate from injury.

The firestorm surrounding deer antler velvet came to a head several years back when a Pro football player recovered from a horrific torn tricep injury only to play in the super bowl that same season. When a world-class athlete has a torn muscle, they want to use a product that can help speed up the healing process to get back in the game.

Another media eruption took place when several members of a college football team used deer antler sprays leading up to the BCS National Title Game. Though some say that deer antler velvet has no proven athletic benefits, the athletes themselves beg to differ.

Sport Leagues have expressed concern that deer antler velvet may give athletes who use it a “one-up” on their competition by boosting their strength and improving their performance. Studies have noted that athletes who use deer antler velvet show significant improvement in a short amount of time compared to non-users.

One tidbit of information that gets left out for many athletes ready to amp up their training is this: Not all products are created equal. In order to obtain the full potency, the product needs to: (1) be an oral spray to deliver quicker results (2) be pure extract from New Zealand Red Deer (3) contain an adequate amount of deer antler velvet to be effective (100 mg).

Bottom line: deer antler velvet sprays seemingly help transform training for athletes. The users boast that their results exceed previous outcomes and claim to be a very useful training aid. While most weekend warriors probably don’t need to recover from game ending injuries, it sure is nice to be able to recover from a heavy leg day.