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The 5 Best Online Travel Website for Great Deals

For most people, the easiest and most convenient way to book a trip is to scour the Internet for the best deals. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of online travel websites that will help you snag a deal on your next trip. However, there are certainly better travel sites than others and here are our five best online travel websites to get you the best deal on the net:

#1 –TravelZoo


TravelZoo is our top rated online travel website to find great deals. With over 2,000 deals available every single day, you’ll find some of the most affordable travel deals among any travel site. For example, a four night stay at a luxury resort in Punta Cano will only run you $799 total, which is $400 cheaper than other deal sites that had the same deal.

Just because the deals are affordable doesn’t mean they are “cheap” so to speak. You can still experience the luxury of an all-inclusive resort or high-star hotel. TravelZoo simply has the connections to help you experience true luxury without having to pay an arm and a leg. With the Super Search feature, Travel Zoo does the searching for you and finds the best price out of the other top travel sites online.

#2 – Kayak


You probably have seen commercials plastered all over TV for Kayak, our second best online travel website. While other travel sites seem to focus largely on package deals, Kayak is best known for having some of the cheapest flight deals among any travel website. The hotel and deal packages still aren’t bad either, but the cheap flights are by far the best on Kayak.

Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites at once to find you the best bargain. This almost guarantees that you find the cheapest flight, hotel, or package deal. Kayak is also incredibly easy and simple to use, which is another reason you should consider using Kayak.

#3 – Hipmunk


You may not have heard of Hipmunk, but the San Francisco based company offers a large selection of cheap flights, hotels, and packages to hundreds of cities.

While Hipmunk may seem like every other travel site, it offers one feature no other travel site offers. Hipmunk has something called an “agony score” for flights based on the number of stops and the duration of the flight. In addition, it also rates hotels through an “ecstasy” rating based on the amenities, location, and overall rating of the hotel.

By operating as a consumer-oriented travel site, you can rest easy knowing that the deal you select on Hipmunk is going to make your traveling experience as painless and exciting as possible.

#4 – Booking Buddy


If you’re looking for an especially cheap deal on last-minute trips, then BookingBuddy is certainly your best buddy. Of all of the travel sites we’ve listed so far, BookingBuddy is most likely the largest with a huge selection of flight + hotel deals from hundreds of cities around the world.

Last minute trips are by far the best way to use Booking Buddy. If you find yourself in a bind and need to get out of town or be someone fast, then we recommend you use Booking Buddy to find a flight and hotel. You could save a few hundred dollars compared to other sites.

#5 – Google Flights


If you’re just in need of a flight, then Google Flights is a viable option. Although relatively unknown, Google Flights provides the ability to fly to just about anywhere in the United States. Although the prices may not be quite as cheap compared to also booking a hotel and complete package, the convenience of getting a flight is unmatched by any other travel website.

Bonus – SeatGuru


Much like Google Flights, SeatGuru can connect you with a flight to almost any destination. With their proprietary “Guru Factor”, you can find the most comfortable flight and seat on the plane so your travels are as painless as possible. Although fairly new, Seat Guru is the perfect travel service to help make flying more enjoyable. Being able to see your plane and pick your exact seat makes this especially important for the “picky” fliers out there.

Final Thoughts

Traveling no longer needs to be stressful and expensive. The sites mentioned above, as well as the dozens of other travel websites, will help you find a great deal on your next trip. You’ll find traveling is much easier if you use a travel website, not to mention the few hundred dollars in savings. We hope this helps narrow down your list when trying to find the best deal on your next trip!