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The Top 5 Cloud Storage Services

Whether you work from home or simply have too many files to store, using a cloud storage service is a great way to save all of your files in one secure place. There are several cloud storage services available now and we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 based on price, functionality, and overall quality.

#1 – JustCloud

justcloudJustCloud is a premium cloud storing service that enables users to access files from their computer, tablet, or phone. Using JustCloud is very simple. All you need to do is choose your files, upload your files to the cloud and then access them on the cloud from any device.

One of the best features offered by JustCloud is the iOS and Android applications. You can use the JustCloud application to share photos, videos, or other files with your friend within seconds. Plus with the ability to sync your account to unlimited devices, sharing files with your friends has never been easier.

There are three main plans offered by JustCloud. You can pay anywhere from $5.61 to $8.69 a month for 75GB of storage, $6.19 to $9.94 for 250GB of storage, or $8.69 to $12.44 a month for unlimited storage. JustCloud lists their plans directly on their website and a service agent will be able to help you if you are unsure which plan is right for you.

Of all the cloud storage services, JustCloud is simple to use, very affordable, and the phone application is a major bonus. JustCloud is definitely one of the best cloud storage services available right now.

#2 – ZipCloud

zipcloudZipCloud is essentially the same service as JustCloud. The pricing is the same, the features are the same, and the free phone application is the same. Basically, the only difference is the name.

However, ZipCloud does offer business packages, which range from $35.94 a month for 100GB or $71.94 a month for 500GB of storage. Some of the features include unlimited user accounts, a simple admin control panel, free network drive backup, and free external drive backup.

Overall, ZipCloud is pretty much JustCloud’s twin with a business upgrade.

#3 – Dropbox

dropboxDropbox is one of the largest and most reliable cloud storage services on the market. If you go to the official website, you’ll find the website design is incredibly simple, just like the service itself. Dropbox prides itself on being one of the easiest cloud sharing services online and it offers 2GB of storage space to anybody free of charge.

If you share files with business clients or friends frequently, then you can utilize the Dropbox desktop application to share files with whomever you like with just a few clicks of the button.

While 2GB of data is all you get with the free plan, you can upgrade to get 1TB of data with Dropbox Pro. It only costs $9.99 per month, which is incredibly cheap for the amount of storage space available. Businesses can also try a free trial of Dropbox for 14 days until paying a nominal fee of $15 per user per month.

Dropbox is arguably the simplest and easiest cloud storage service available. As one of the largest service providers, Dropbox is definitely worth joining, especially if you have friends or clients who frequently use it as well.

#4 – Zoolz

zoolzZoolz is a lesser-known cloud storage service that offers specialized plans for both individuals and businesses. However, businesses are far more likely to benefit from Zoolz because Zoolz offers a whopping 1TB of data for only $25 per month. In addition, you can have unlimited users and unlimited services – still for only $25 per month.

If your business needs even more storage space, Zoolz offers plans up to 20TB a year for $4,800. However, for the amount of storage space you receive, the $4,800 is very nominal compared to how much you’d pay if you stored your files on your own.

Zoolz does offer individual plans, although most people simply use one of the others I’ve already mentioned. Zoolz is still worth considering because it offers lifetime cloud storage, which means once it’s backed up, it’s there forever.

#5 – Livedrive

livedriveLivedrive is another potential solution for cloud storage if for some reason you do not find the other 4 services to your liking. Livedrive offers up to 5TB of “briefcase” space. All of the packages offered by Livedrive are available through a two week trial so you can test the waters and see how you like Livedrive before you commit to anything.

The one feature that is really beneficial to users is the one click sharing offered by Livedrive. Literally, with one click of your mouse you can share photos, videos, or files with your friends or family. You can also either share it publicly or securely through email.

Overall, there really is nothing that special about Livedrive. It’s pretty much your typical cloud storage service, but it does offer a large amount of storage space, which is why many businesses prefer Livedrive to leading competitors. However, the average person may want to just stick to another basic cloud storage service.

Final Thoughts

Any of these five cloud storage services should provide you with what you need to share and store files. It’s probably a good idea to explore each service a little bit on your own to find which service best suits your individual needs. It should only take a few minutes to sign up and you’ll be able to share and store files within minutes of joining. Our top pick is Dropbox, but you may find another works better for you.