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The Ultimate Winter 2014 Makeup Guide

Winter is rapidly approaching and that means it’s time to put away the summer wardrobe and get ready for the upcoming holidays and winter season. This year’s fashion and makeup styles have dramatically changed and you can prepare to dazzle with our ultimate winter 2014 makeup guide. Here are the essential makeup tips to look in style this winter:

best-eye-makeup-natural-looks#1 – Go Natural

Natural and subtle makeup will highlight your natural beauty and it always looks sexy and feminine. One of the big advantages to natural makeup is that it is low maintenance. This means you can create a hot and sexy look without having to put in extra effort and who doesn’t love that? Use an earthy eye shadow along with a blush in a pale pink color and complete the look with a shiny lip gloss, close to your own lip color.

#2 – Get Frosty

The holidays are a time to party and you can look your best this chilly season with a frosty makeup that is perfect when the weather gets cold. Cool and subtle shades like a light blue eye shadow with black eyeliner will create the sexy, “frosty” look you want for the holiday season.

C#3 – Get Sexy With Cat Eyes

Want to impress a certain guy when you’re out? Create a dramatic and flirty look by creating cat eye makeup. This will help add a sexy dimension to your eyes and complete your entire look. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to create. Simply use eyeliner or combine eyeliner with a dark eye shadow for a more sultry look.

While these are some of the styles you can use this winter, you should remember some other things for the winter season. Here are additional winter makeup tips:

#4 – Always Remember to Moisturize

As you get exposed to the cold and windy elements this winter, your skin is likely to crack and dry out. You need to make sure that you use makeup that helps to moisturize your skin. In addition, it is also a good idea to use a gentle exfoliant
followed by a layer of moisturizer while your skin is still damp.

#5 – Sunscreen is Still Your Friend

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean UV rays have suddenly disappeared. In fact, it’s very easy to burn in the winter because UV rays reflect off of the snow, which can damage your skin even faster. If you’re headed out and are going to be outside for a prolonged period of time, protect your skin by applying at least SPF 30 sunscreen.

#6 – Set and Forget

If your makeup is rubbing off on your scarf or coat, consider adding a thin layer of translucent-pressed powder. It’s a lot less messy than loose powder and it will help keep your makeup on your face where you want it to stay. They also make setting sprays to help keep your makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours.

21971-otkrytki-snezhniy-potseluy#7 – Don’t Forget to Blush

If you have fair skin, add a peachy blush to your face to bring your style to life. If you’ve got darker skin, apply an earthy tone onto your cheeks to compliment your skin. Adding blush will highlight your face and bring your entire look together into one.

#8 – Protect Your Lips

The winter season is very warm and romantic and if you’re spending the holidays cuddling with your special someone, you certainly want to avoid dry, cracked lips. Protect your sexy smackers by applying lip gloss at least a few times a day so your lips stay soft and kissable.

Final Thoughts

Use these tips and tricks to ensure you look your best for this winter season. The great thing about winter is it allows you to be versatile with your makeup so aren’t afraid to try new styles that compliment your look.