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Vikings Used Cod Liver Oil, Should You?

We have been hearing a lot about cod liver oil being one of the dietary supplements that can do wonders to our health. But where did it come from, and what does it offer?

A bit of history first. Cod liver oil, taken from the livers of the Atlantic cod (hence, the name), was used as a food way back in the Viking Era. This raw oil was “highly valued for its powers of healing, strength, energy and stamina by the Vikings of Northern Norway.” Its first medical use was accounted for in 1789 when it was prescribed to a woman suffering from rheumatism, but it was only in 1822 when it was acknowledged for its healing powers.

What nutrients does cod liver have that gives it its therapeutic properties?

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Cod liver oil contains huge amounts of EPA and DHA. These Omega-3s help burn fats and promote muscle growth. They are vital to brain and nervous system function. They regulate cholesterol levels in the body, which contributes to improved heart health.

2. Vitamin A – Cod liver oil is a great source of the natural form of this important fat-soluble antioxidant. It helps prevent eye-related disorders, also supports brain health, and promotes healthy cellular growth. Aside from these, it stimulates hormone production that makes our body produce enzymes in active forms, which regulates our immune system.

3. Vitamin D – Cod liver oil has plenty of this essential nutrient that is synthesized by the skin when exposed to the sun’s UV light. It strengthens neurotransmitter operations, heart health and inflammatory responses. It also supports bone metabolism and cell functions. It prevents depression, anxiety, fatigue and more.

All these nutrients work together to support athletic recovery and improve health in general. It is also important to note that cod liver oil contains a balanced amount of vitamin A and vitamin D, and that these natural nutrients always work together in allowing body processes to protect us from toxicity.

And for athletes, taking cod liver oil as a dietary supplement will aid them in their trainings and workouts. Allowing them to push harder longer and recover quicker. Maybe that is why the vikings loved it?

What else? Cod liver oil supports bone health, and help prevent fractures and other injuries. It can also aid in healing skin wounds and in improving cardiovascular health.

There are many decent brands of cod liver oil available in the market today, but it is recommended to choose the one that uses the traditional oil fermenting method that guarantees the retention of more of the nutrients in their ideal ratio. Also you want to look for a wild caught variety from cold arctic waters as both vitamin A & D and omega-3 contents are higher in this variety. The cod liver oil from AMRAP Nutrition is one of them.

AMRAP’s (As Many Rounds As Possible) cod liver oil is cold processed, fermented, and wild caught in cold arctic waters. Made from pure cod liver oil and originally designed for professional athletes, as it improves recovery time, decreases post-workout inflammation, and reduces the risk of joint, soft tissue and tendon injuries. It is also the most rich in naturally occurring vitamin A and vitamin D when compared to any other brand on the market today. Sourced directly from Norway and encapsulated in a nitrogen rich vacuum environment to prevent oxidation (another problem found with less that premium brands).

If you are looking to increase your overall health and wellbeing or improve your athletic performance click here to give AMRAP Nutrition’s cod liver oil a try. Each bottle contains 60, 500-mg softgels, you take two per day so this is a 30 day supply.

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